You and I – A Moment on the Scale of Eternity

Motionless they lie next to each other on the slightly wet grass of the football field. It is dark and quiet. A perfectly clear night giving view to the roof of stars high above their heads.

They don’t have to say anything to understand each other, nor do they want to speak in this moment. They listen to the sounds of the night instead: the soothing lullaby of the stars and the moon, and the exhilarating crescendo of the infinity of time and space that they find themselves surrounded by.

They both know that they don’t belong here. For them, there is whole other world out there. A world that remains hidden to the eyes of most others.

She leans into his body ever so slightly and squeezes his hand.

All this… –

I know.

It won’t be long until they leave this place. She rolls back on her back as a wave of nostalgia and exhilaration builds in her throat and slowly rises to her eyes. She doesn’t care that he sees her crying, and he doesn’t try to make her stop. This is all part of the moment that would soon turn into memory. Time loses its meaning as they continuously lose themselves in the minutes that pass.

It is only here, now – forever.

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