When You Get Busy Living

We’ve all been there before. Blogging can be challenging at times, and some of us are more tempted than others – to make it short, there are fair arguments for both sides. As for me, I have once again been absent from the world of blogging for a few months. Do I wish I had written and shared more moments with the world? Yes. Do I regret not doing so? No. Because when I think about it… what is a more beautiful thing to get distracted by than life itself?


The last time you’ve heard from me, I was filled with euphoria and excitement. I had recently moved to a small town in Illinois, America, where I did my semester abroad. Like many a time, I was overwhelmed by the familiar unknown – new faces, places and things to do. It didn’t take long for me to find my ways through the labyrinth of new impressions and experiences. I met people, who made me feel like I had finally come home; I learned and grew, and with each day that passed I had a feeling of coming one step closer to the person I had always wanted to be. Slowly but surely it turned from winter to spring, and from spring to summer. I was aching for it to get warmer, and after the first warm spring day I got so sunburned that I should have stayed in the shade for the following two.


From then on, I spent every possible second outside. From spring break Zach and I brought back hammocks that we started to set up in one of the trees in the South Quad on campus. It didn’t take long and more people joined, and soon, the Friendship Tree came to life. My days were once again filled with the crazy adventures I had missed dearly during winter. Sometimes I looked in the faces of the people around me, and I wished that time would stop just long enough for me to forever save each moment in a little jar – moments I could later return to in my memories. We were a bunch of happy children, who howled at the moon at night; who were united in our passion for life and laughter, hungry for adventure and knowledge and growth.

Happy Birthday Zach

Sometimes I worried about time. While I couldn’t have been more excited to reunite with my family at home, I once again wondered if I was ready to leave. But time doesn’t wait for you to be ready – which I figured is one of the most beautiful aspects to it.
There are so many moments, thoughts and ideas that I want to tell you about – from spending a week in the wild to hiking into the Grand Canyon and kayaking on the Green River at Mammoth Caves, the feeling of companionship, and discovering an endless source of inspiration and a love for life that is insatiable.


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