So many thoughts and ideas. Blank pages. So much potential.

I have a feeling that great things are about to happen. I feel it when I wake up in the morning, tired from a constant lack of sleep but excited for another day to begin. I feel it when I open the curtains of my window and look at the sky for the first time each morning. A sky that is always different from what it had looked the day before, each snapshot beautiful in its own way. I feel it when take that first deep breath of air the moment I step outside. The cold fills my lungs, spreads through my veins until it reaches my eyes and a single tear rolls down my cheek. I feel it when I walk to class and look into other people’s faces; when I see my own reflection in their shimmering eyes. Sometimes I see that spark in them as well. I feel it when I get challenged in class; when I listen to other students’ ideas or when I try to make sense of my own. There is so much potential.


I found something that I’ve been searching for for a long time. Or maybe I should say that something found me. It’s not just the coffee I had for breakfast that makes me more awake these days. I am breathing. I am alive – and hungry. Hungry for adventure, for experience and insight. Hungry to get to know myself and the world I find myself surrounded by. I am hungry for life.

So much is happing these days. I am amazed and stunned and overwhelmed at the same time. Sometimes there is too much to take in at once and I start to stagger, clumsily falling over my own feet. At the same time I know I’m asking for more.

I will always be asking for more.


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