Missed Chances and buried Dreams

If I told you there was a secret fairy godmother that would grant you one wish if only you asked for it, would you take it? And if you did… what would you use it for?


Samantha Abbott considers herself perfectly normal. She has a caring husband and two daughters, bright girls, who had often been called delicate and gorgeous when they were little, and beautiful as they had grown into young women. She lives in a nice house and has a good job that gives her great pleasure on most days. She is happy. After all, what else could a girl ask for?

The room is dark. While her eyes slowly adjust to her surroundings, she focusses on his breathing, coming and going as easy as the waves in the ocean. If she reached out her hand she could touch the soft hair on his chest that rises and falls ever so gently. He looks so peaceful when he is asleep, his face relaxed and carefree. She misses that look on him. He looks younger, happier even. Life gets tough sometimes, but that’s how it goes for everyone so she tries not to complain about it too much, and dismisses the idea directly, storing it in the depth of her mind that should remain hidden and kept to herself.

The bed creaks softly as she moves to the side and carefully places her feet on the floor. His breathing staggers as if he can sense that she is no longer lying next to him. Samantha watches him, worried that she might have woken him, but he turns away, mumbling a few unintelligible words, and drifts back to deep sleep.

She finds her bathrobe in the hallway and tiptoes down the stairs, suddenly feeling the urgent need for a cool glass of water despite being cold. Bright moonlight gives the kitchen a lurid luminance that reflects on her face as she steps into its cone, adding a ghostly touch to her slender figure and hollow expression.

She couldn’t tell what it is exactly that keeps her awake and restless tonight. The water doesn’t do its job, and when she looks up at the moon, it stares back at her with such intensity that her hands grasp the kitchen counter for support. But then it begins to dawn on her. How different things could have turned out for her… She continues to stare up at the moon and her eyes bore into its dark shades and she starts to become really angry. At the world and her dull little life, at herself and at him. Oh, how different everything would have been. How different…

(Photo Credit: Lubs Mary. via Flickr cc)

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