The awesome Things that happen when you keep pushing the Boundaries of your Comfort Zone

It’s safe to say that we humans are creatures of habit. We like the familiar, the comfort of predictability and the satisfaction of being in control. While taking the safe path seems to be the easiest option at hand, life presents us with challenges and opportunities aplenty. Usually, all we need to do is reach out and take what is already there, right in front of us. So what will it be? The comfort of security or the leap into the unknown? Here’s to the awesome things that happen once you start pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.

“Impossible” becomes relative

Ed Uthman_Yes Music in the Amphitheater 1970(Photo Credit: Ed Uthman via Flickr cc)

Once you embrace the small and big challenges that life basically hands you on a silver platter you start to establish a whole new idea of what is possible. While you have lacked the courage to go through with it before, you now find yourself filling out that job application you’ve secretly kept in your drawer for months. After all, someone has to get the job – why shouldn’t it be you?

A rush of adrenaline followed by a boost of confidence

Simon Bouchard_Crazy in the sky(Photo Credit: Simon Bouchard via Flickr cc)

Trying something new and different feels scary and exhilarating at the same time. Not only is the adrenaline rather addictive, the rewarding boost of confidence is simply intoxicating. At the end of the day, we might not succeed in all our life endeavours. Then again, knowing that we’ve tried is a pretty good consolation which only makes us stronger – and eager for more.

Personal discovery

Brandon Satterwhite_Wanderlust(Photo Credit: Brandon Satterwhite via Flickr cc)

People are awesome. And so are you, you’re full of potential! Travelling the world and learning foreign languages, approaching that cute girl or boy at the bar, rocking a presentation in front of a filled classroom at university… you name it. You’re not sure if you could really do these things? Well, I’d say there’s only one way to find out – now and then you might surprise even yourself.


Send me adrift_Wanderlust(Photo Credit: Send me adrift via Flickr cc)

All of the sudden, you start to explore a world of possibilities. You realise that most things in life don’t have to be all black and white. Instead, you start to see a world of many colours. You might not agree with everything but you learn to be tolerant; you embrace the diversity that you find yourself surrounded by.


Alessandro Pili_Surfs fly(Photo Credit: Alessandro Pili via Flickr cc)

Discovering new passions and learning about things that you dislike will go hand in hand the further you expand your horizon. Either way, you will learn, you will grow and you will establish a sense of your self that is built on contentment, curiosity and self-esteem that makes you feel and appear genuine and confident.

Variety, the spice of life

Emanuele_Safari(Photo Credit: Emanuele via Flickr cc)

The further you go, the more you learn and discover – about yourself, your understanding of life and the world as such. Instead of the regular routine, you wake up with a new sense of curiosity every morning. You feel like anything could happen. Life becomes your playground; each day a new adventure.


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  1. I find this particularly interesting because it makes me reflect on my life. Like you said, every humans natural instinct is to be in control, and that’s no different then myself. In the moment, I have the need to know everything that’s going on, have a say in what’s going on, and just in general be in control. But, in regards to travel, I love the feeling of not being in control. It’s a stress reliever and it’s also part of the excitement!

    Awesome post, thank you!


    1. Thank you, Alex! Sometimes, I find it rather difficult to follow through with it as well, but I like to remind myself that in a way, we’re never really in control even if we think we are. I have to agree with you though: Freedom and curiosity really get a whole new meaning on the road 🙂

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