7 Reasons I loved this Summer: let’s love, let’s laugh, let’s play!

You might or might not have noticed that it’s become quiet on this blog for some time now. The good news: I’m back. And I’m planning to stay this time. The bad news: Summer is officially over and with all the colourful leaves the familiar nostalgia of saying goodbye to a long lost friend returns.

But before we become all sad and wistful let’s pause for a moment and remember all the beautiful moments that have made this summer yet another one for the books. Because that is exactly what the past couple of months have been for me.

collect moments not things

Reason #1: Spending the summer at the sea

Fresh sea air, an endless view to the horizon and the world’s biggest bath tub right in front of your home… How does life possibly get any better than this? There are endless reasons why I love the sea. I don’t even have to do anything, simply being there makes me happy. This year was pretty special, considering that we got to spend a total of eight weeks in one of my most favourite places in the world. Sitting on the beach and watching the water as smooth as glass only a day after a big storm, jumping off the pier right before going to bed at night, taking the dog for a walk along the dyke, and consciously living every moment of it… you get the idea but let me tell you anyway: it was wonderful!

Reason #2: Amazing people

At the end of the day the best experiences always come down to the people you make them with. This summer for me certainly has been no exception: it simply wouldn’t have been the same without all the beautiful people – old friends and new faces – that have been part of it. Also, thank you Ed Sheeran, for giving us some beautiful lyrics and Paul, for making them this summer’s soundtrack.

Reason #3: Kitesurfing

Another reason for me to love the sea (and summer for that matter) is that it’s become my playground ever since I started kitesurfing five years ago. Blessed with lots of strong yet warm easterly winds, we got to spend some truly memorable hours on the water this year. Sore muscles but all smiles – sometimes I felt like I was literally going to burst of happiness.

Reason #4: Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup St. Peter Ording

On August, 8, a dream came true: this year I was finally able to go to the PKRA Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording (the biggest kiting event in the world!). Excited like a little girl on Christmas morning, I ran across the beach and through the camp, not taking that smile off my face for three days straight. Apart from celebrating my favourite sport with literally a few thousand people we also got to watch the whole freestyle competition. It really is incredible what some people can do – people are awesome, say whaaaat?!

Reason #5: A great summer job

Some of the best experiences are those that come out of the blue and completely sweep you off your feet. This happened to me when I was asked to help out in one my favourite cafés. What started out as a makeshift solution soon became a permanent thing: free coffee, a beautiful café-family, delicious dinners and late-night conversations. Magic happened!

Reason #6: Countless hours spent outside

It really is impressive what fresh air does to you, don’t you think? While summer sometimes makes it easy to forget this is something I always notice especially when I return home: how much I miss spending my days outside, roaming through nature and feeling as free as a bird.

Reason #7: Everything that’s happened in between

At the end of the day, life remains a beautiful canvas of many colours which makes it practically impossible to squeeze this summer’s adventures into a list like this: all those small and big moments that have made up the past couple of months. And while I wish that I could go right back to its beginning and experience it all over again, I know that we’ve reached the beginning of a new season and I find myself looking forward to the future.

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