The First Time

For weeks I couldn’t think of anything else, growing more excited with each passing day. The very thought of it made my heart beat faster; sometimes, it might as well have skipped a beat.

I was going to get myself back out there again. Not only was I able to go on a new adventure, I was going to get back on the water. Cape Verde or – how we now like to refer to it: Cabo Cabo. Eleven days of sunshine, waves and a wind forecast to die for.

Being a kitesurfer from the northern hemisphere, winter can be a very tough time for me. There are days that I like to spend watching endless videos of distant and warm places or losing myself in the memories of that refreshing feeling when falling into the cool ocean water. It is needless to say that I’d counted the days until our departure.

When we arrived at Cape Verde two weeks ago we found everything we could have hoped or asked for.


We saw the first colourful kites dancing in the sky as soon as the taxi driver turned on the small dirt road that led us to the beach. I remember getting out of the car and almost running towards the water. The wind was strong that day, making the sand sting into my legs like a thousand little needles. I stopped at the waterline, dug my feet into the sand and closed my eyes for a moment. I could almost taste the salt in the air, I could hear the waves break only such few meters away from me and I could feel my hair tickle my nose. It was all over the place.

I opened my eyes to look at my brother, who had nudged me on the shoulder. “Let’s go!” he shouted against the wind, while a huge grin spread across his face.

There are not enough words to describe the sensation I felt when I crossed the first set of waves. It’s that delicate mix of power, the rush of adrenaline spreading through your veins like the most exquisite drug this world has to offer, ultimate freedom, and a moment of infinity as you start to become one with Mother Nature that makes this moment unforgettable. Salt water splashes in your face and you can finally taste the salt on your lips. You turn around and feel the wave build underneath you. It starts pushing, it makes you go faster and faster and then it breaks. And for a moment you feel so small that you forget everything around you. And then you start to understand. You understand that there will always be that higher power and it makes you feel good. It makes you feel relieved, grateful and – indefinitely happy.

Cabo Cabo

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